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Harry Potter Re-Addicts!

Helping once-addicted fans become re-addicted since 2004

Harry Potter Re-Addicts
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Are you a dedicated Harry Potter fan who feels as if you've lost touch with the boy wizard you once loved? Join Harry Potter Re-Addicts and become re-addicted to the book series you once loved more than life itself!

Maintainers and creators: born2mugglz & xoxo76

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This IS a community, which means there ARE rules to follow. Read carefully below; We mods don't enjoy using the cruciatus curse...much. *cough*

1. Do not post in this community if you have nothing better to say than 'Harry Potter sucks!!!' or something of the sort. If you don't like Harry Potter, why are you here? I'll let you in on a little secret: You're wasting your precious time and only HELPING the cause by buying a 15 dollar book and burning it in your backyard for your sick enjoyment for no reason except the fact that you now think you won't go to hell, even though you'll most likely end up burning down your house and go to hell anyway for being evil.

2.Please do not curse. There is really no reason for it. Unless you are so upset over how long you've been unaddicted that you feel the need to curse to the max...but still, no cursing. Or we will hex you and put pimples on your face.

3. Please refrain from posting about another book/series such as Lord of the Rings because you've also become unaddicted to that. This community is for HARRY POTTER ONLY! Failure to comply will result in someone hand feeding you one of Fred and George's canary creams. (And this doesn't mean we don't love Lord of the Rings too. It just means that this is a Harry Potter community.)

If you feel that you cannot follow one or more of the above rules, we strongly suggest you disapparate from this community as soon as you can. Thanks very much.

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If for some odd reason you would like to be our affilate, please tell one of the maintainers, and we'll put you on here.

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