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First steps

Take baby steps my witchays and wizards. Coming back to an addiction like Harry Potter is a bit hard. -fixes her glasses- Now sit down my chickadees. We will first start off with the books to the movie. For exmaple :

Sorcerer's Stone(book) - Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone (Movie)

and so forth to movie number 3. We will also keep our own countdown to when the 4th movie comes out, just like we did with 3. :) And when the day before it comes out finally comes lol, we will have a spam fest! Till it is officialy 12:00 AM. UNLESS, it is on a school night, it will be rescheduled for a weekend.

Now, let us all start off with talking about some of our favorite parts in the movies. Or books. I ' ll start off, mmkay?

What I loved in the first books, was definitely when they all became friends. And the beginning, where you learn about Harry Potter coming to the Dursleys. And in the movie, my favorite part . . hmmmm . . . . when they all played chess against those giant Chess board thingys, and Ron said that nice speech. :) If only I could remember it. I MUST WATCH IT ON SATURDAY! EEE.

Now let you do it. :) Let it all out. Baby steps first. Tomorrow, we will try to take a walk to book 2 (Chamber of Secrets) and have a little book discussion or movie discussion. =)
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