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First Posties

Hello hello my little wizards and witchies. Nooooow, first off please tell us, in this post, or your own, why and when you lost your interest to Harry Potter? Is it because too busy to bother? Went off to love Kill Bill, Spiderman, LoTR, and ASOUE? Well, whichever way you lost it, we WILL try to get you to lurve the lovely, and wonderful Harry Potter once again. I know those 5 books of yours about Harry Potter are probably just sitting on your bookshelf, collecting dust, and waiting to be reread 1 trillion times, until the new book finally comes out. And don't ya feel guilty whenever you look at those dusty books? And I'm betting you probably walk over to it, read a chapter or two and after you finish you say to yourself "I must read the next chapter tomorrow.", then tomorrow, you look at your book, and don't pick it up until a few more weeks. And don't tell you you remember all the stuff, from your spells to your wizard and witches and facts. I've reread all my 5 books like 20 times practically, I go like 2 months without readingem, and I forget the jelly-legs curse!

Have you also STOPPED worrying so much about the 6th book? You may be excited, but, come on, be honest folks, you really aren't as interested as going to JKR's official site to collect clues, because you just don't love your boy wizard anymore. You just see the clues and are excited for a while, but then you drift off to worry about school or movies, or other things besides Harry Potter.

So, please, go comment and tell us when and why you lost your lurve or interest in HARRY POTTER.
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