Noelle (i_love_lucille) wrote in hp_re_addicts,

my scar, it's burning!! (pronounced: my sc-AWR ets BERNing)

Okay, has anyone else gotten past the door at J.K. YOu click on the hair tie on her desk and wait on the page with the door until peeves comes and knocks over a vase of flowers. A bunch of keys will fly out and you have to drag them into the keyhole in the door until you get the right one. Then you open the drawer on the desk inside and pull the magnifying glass over the folder on the desk. then there is a riddle. (the answer is: chapters) Then you pull the papers out of the file and you get to know the titles of some chapters in the book.

one by one we come to life,
then side by side we wait
while our company swells in numbers
(some come early some come late)
and some of us may bore you,
and some of us enthrall,
but you cannot choose between us
you must take us one and all.
we'll be bound together tightly
for were naught if we break free.
if you'd like some clues about us
simply answer who are we?

just type the password I mentioned above.

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btw, for future reference, if you need to post something that is spoiler and needs to be highlighted by the reader, I have found that #EAF0E1 is a good color. It is right in the middle of the page background color, and the white of the view-post page (this page here).
Bahaha, awesome job Noelle. <3
i was going to be good and wait and find out myself - really.

but it's taking too long and i am impatient.

you rule Noelle!!!
haha, no probalo!
Sweet! Thanks a bunches!
*gives you a cookie* glad I could help!
How do you get the keys?
wait for "Peeves" to knock the vase over, they will fly out of it. I think they go away if you don't see them for a long time, so if you leave the page while you are waiting to do something else, be sure to check back!